ASG Commercial are professional and ethical commercial estate agents with many years’ experience in the sale of commercial properties and businesses. We offer free advice regarding the legal process involved either in the sale or acquisition of a business. We can advise you when it is necessary to engage a legal representative and which solicitor would best meet your needs. Obtaining timely and accurate legal advice is critical in the purchase or sale of a business. Commercial acquisitions are by necessity more complex than residential purchases / sales. Utilising a qualified and experienced commercial solicitor is imperative to enable you to receive the correct advice at the right time.

ASG Commercial works closely with a number of Inverness based firms of solicitors who specialise within the commercial sector. We would be pleased to recommend a firm who pride themselves in being modern yet with traditional values of service and attention to detail. The firms we recommend act for large companies, small firms and individuals, all equally important and benefiting from the professionalism expected in today’s world of work.

Commercial Solicitors can advise on a range of complexities pertaining to the sale or acquisition of a business to include conveyancing and licencing. ASG Commercial is perfectly placed to offer a legal referral to assist you in obtaining professional and independent advice.